Nuli! 努力!
Chinese vocabulary is hard to learn.
We have a solution.
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Efficient Chinese vocabulary learning
We help you remember

Our job doesn't stop at teaching vocabulary: we need to make sure you remember it over the years. That's why we created a specific review system that you'll love!

We keep you motivated

Success is the greatest source of motivation: with us, you will stay motivated because your Chinese will get better.

Anytime, anywhere

Nuli! 努力! can be used in short, 2-minutes sessions. For example while you wait for your 饺子 at your local 小吃 :)

For free

Nuli! 努力! is completely free for individual learners. If you are a school, get in touch.

We keep it simple
1. You tell us what you already know

Just tell us the textbooks you've used or the exams you've taken. Beginner learners are ok, too.

2. You tell us what you want to learn next

Want to learn the vocab for a given song, article or book? Get up to speed for an exam? Or simply learn useful, common vocabulary? Just tell us.

3. We get you there

Our algorithms help you learn things in the right order using adequate, 100% personalized teaching material.

Nuli! 努力! for schools
Bring Nuli! 努力! to your classroom
Nuli! 努力! is an awesome addition to a Chinese-learning classroom. It allows students to keep up with the vocabulary learned in class. The teacher can design and share vocabulary lists prior to exams. Training material includes songs, film transcripts and articles. Nuli! 努力! is also perfect for HSK preparation.

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